LCWSoft PayPal Billing Agreements 1.0.8 Released!

  • 24th September 2021
We are happy to announce that version 1.0.8 of our PayPal Billing Agreements WHMCS module has been released. While most of the changes are under the hood, we have made improvements to the reported decline reason on the transaction history on the invoice (now includes the PayPal error number for easier checking) and automatic cancellation of the ...
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Renew services early via our client area

  • 15th May 2021
In the past, if you wished to renew a service before it was due, it would have been necessary to contact our team to have an early renewal invoice created. No more - as of today, you can access your service in our client and select the "Generate Renewal Invoice" option to create an early renewal invoice if the service hasn't already been invoiced ...
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No more late fees!

  • 31st March 2020
The headline is fairly self explanatory: after some consideration, we've decided to completely abolish late fees for service renewals. The reason is that we determined that there is no benefit to them and they only serve to cause confusion. This change has been implemented immediately on all unpaid renewal invoices and will be automatic going ...
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PHP 7.3 now the default for new accounts, PHP 7.4 available!

  • 4th February 2020
All servers have now been updated and will provision new accounts with PHP 7.3 by default. For existing accounts, they can be switched by logging into cPanel and setting the PHP Version to 7.3 using the "Select PHP Version" option. Before doing so, we recommend contacting your developer or checking any installed software (such as WordPress, ...
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