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Shared Hosting

Easy to use account with cPanel. Best suited for 1 personal or business website. Every plan is 100% Canadian and utilizes our low latency network for fast, secure, reliable Canadian web hosting. Get Shared Hosting

Reseller Hosting

Easy to use account with cPanel and WHM for multiple websites. Best suited for reselling. Every plan is 100% Canadian and utilizes our low latency network for fast, secure, reliable Canadian web hosting. Get Reseller Hosting

VPS Hosting

A performance/price ratio, Running on SSD drives and KVM powered by OpenStack. Every plan is 100% Canadian and utilizes our low latency network to ensure the best performance across the country. Get VPS Hosting

Professional Suite

Our Professional Suite services offer professional e-mail, calendar, document editing via Docs, file storage, spreadsheet management, and online video and voice calls. All powered by the Google Workspace platform. Get Professional Suite

Thoughts from some of our Clients

Balázs O.

Using one of their WHMCS modules. Great support, great product at a great price! Kudos to LCWSoft!

Muriel Lennox

From the perspective of technical support, the best thing we did was sign up with LCWSoft. Whether a simple, or complex issue, I am always confident things will be resolved efficiently and quickly. This past spring when a web designer I was interviewing said she would be bringing in a web hosting organization she was accustomed to working with, I explained that would not work for me. I had no intention of leaving LCWSoft. Needless-to-say, I did not hire the designer. After a recent technical issue was rapidly and cheerfully resolved, I was thinking how pleased I was to have stuck to my guns and refused to leave LCWSoft.


This is not only my first website, but the biggest thing I have taken on in cyberspace. I looked into doing it solo but eventually came to realize that building a proper strong supported website is not as easy as it sounds. I talked to the fellows at Computers and Communications and they put me onto LCWSoft. Now I can relax. The people at LCWSoft are professional, know what they are doing and I can talk to them as easy as family and friends. Each time I hear from them becomes a learning experience. Thanks, folks. Thanks a lot!

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Why you should choose LCWSoft for Canadian Web Hosting

High Performance

All of our servers use state of the art storage technology and have been optimized for peak performance, ensuring that your website loads as quickly as possible.

Expert Support

In our industry, the quality of your support is paramount. To us, no issue is unimportant and every effort is made to ensure that a resolution is reached as promptly as possible. The average ticket response and resolution time is less than 1 hour!

Nearby Servers

Get closer to your clients with servers located on the East & West Coasts.

Simple Control Panel

All hosting services include the cPanel control panel and are served using servers running the Cloudlinux linux distribution, for ease of use and quality service at 99.9% uptime.

Easy Installation

Using the industry-standard Softaculous installer, you can install over 300 Apps, including WordPress and Drupal, with 1 click.

Leading Security

As one of the first Canadian providers to use CloudLinux together with cPanel, you can rest assured that your service is as secure from outside threats as possible while being easy to use.

Latest News

PHP 8.1 support for our WHMCS addons

UPDATE: as of January 5th 2023, all supported addons have available updates to support PHP 8.1. This is just a quick notice that we are working to update our addons for PHP 8.1 support. Most just need an additional encoding, so we hope to have them all done in the next few days. Below is a list of updated addons and the new version (along with ...

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Elavon and 3DSecure 2.0

UPDATE OCTOBER 13TH 2022: We've had to delay the release as a last minute issue was detected where it seems that Elavon is sending back an undocumented and unexpected error when 3DS 2.0 authentication fails, and provides no clear reason as to why or how they expect it to be handled. We have reached out to their developer support team with the ...

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