Accounting (7)

Anything from payments to invoice information is in here

Advanced (3)

Custom Error Pages, Cron Jobs, Index Manager

cPanel (10)

Common technical questions asked by customers about everyday usage of your website's control panel, cPanel

Databases (14)

Creating and managing databases using phpMyAdmin

DNS (Name Servers) (2)

Frequently asked questions about DNS services (Name Servers) for your domain names with us

Domain Names (30)

Information about domain name registrations/transfer, DNS updates, and more

E-Mail (29)

Information specific to e-mail usage, limits, and common issues

Files & FTP (7)

Backing up web sites, adding FTP accounts, Using File Manager and Disk Usage Viewer

Hosting Records (2)

Learn the difference between an A record, CNAME and others and how to set them

Intro to Web Hosting (9)

Short overview of the different components, fundamentals and operations that come together to make web hosting work.

PHP (5)

PHP configuation and specific details

Pre-Sales & Sales (10)

Answers to common questions asked before signing up regarding services and policies

Recommended Software (45)

Our recommendations for software you should use depending on your needs

Security (4)

CAPTCHA, Password Protect Directory, IP Deny Manager, Hotlink Protection

Softaculous (16)

Using Softaculous to install Software and Programs

SSL Certificates (3)

Information on purchasing, renewing and installing SSL Certificates

Troubleshooting (14)

Information on handling website and service issues

WHMCS Addons (87)

Installation, upgrading, troubleshooting, tips and other information for our WHMCS addons

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