LCWSoft PayPal Billing Agreements 1.0.8 Released!

  • Friday, 24th September, 2021
  • 23:05pm

We are happy to announce that version 1.0.8 of our PayPal Billing Agreements WHMCS module has been released. While most of the changes are under the hood, we have made improvements to the reported decline reason on the transaction history on the invoice (now includes the PayPal error number for easier checking) and automatic cancellation of the PayPal Billing Agreement when a client or admin deletes the associated Pay Method from the clients account. Updating is simple and straightforward: download the new version from the service details page in your account, unzip the downloaded file, upload the new files (overwriting when prompted) and following the instructions in the INSTALL.txt file to ensure any database changes are in place.


We hope you enjoy it!

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