This is just a quick notice that we are working to update our addons for PHP 8.1 support. Most just need an additional encoding, so we hope to have them all done in the next few days. Below is a list of updated addons and the new version (along with the release date) for reference:

  • LCWSoft PayPal Billing Agreements (version 1.1.8, released on November 23rd 2022)
  • Elavon VirtualMerchant/Converge (version 2.2.4, released on November 23rd 2022)
  • Cancel Invoice on Termination (version 2.3.1, released on November 23rd 2022)
  • Auto Currency (version 2.9.1, released on November 24th 2022)

Following the standard upgrade instructions for each is all that is needed. Each also supports PHP 7.2 and newer, so if you're running WHMCS 8.5.1 or older, you can seamlessly upgrade our addons before upgrading WHMCS itself.

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

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