My site does does not appear in my browser

This is probably one of the most frequent support questions. Make sure:

1. You have made the DNS changes (to be exact you need to change DNS servers of your domain to ours in your registrar's domain administration panel, you can find necessary name servers information in your New Account Information e-mail) and waited for DNS data propagation (usually takes around 2 days).

2. Paid your hosting bills.

3. Uploaded your website inside the public_html folder under your FTP root.

4. Renamed your main page to "index.ext" where as ext can be .htm, .html, .php, etc. Please also note that you should name it under small alphabetic letters. In UNIX-like operating systems, file names are case-sensitive, while Windows treats uppercase and lowercase as being the same.

5. Your site's name resolves correctly from your end (i.e. DNS system returns correct IP address data). If no - this may indicate problem with our DNS servers but usually the problem is associated with your ISP's local resolver. Open "Start" -> "Run" in your Windows interface, run the command "nslookup" and compare the IP address you will receive with the one from your "Welcome email". Both addresses should be the same unless you're using your own dedicated IP. If no - you may try to clear your local DNS cache ("ipconfig /flushdns"). Still the same problem with your site? Try to use external DNS server (to say - Can see your site now? Refer to your local ISP personnel and ask them to fix the DNS problem.

6. Try pinging your server, using the same method: "Start" -> "Run", then "ping". The server doesn't respond? Maybe the server is down, but you may also have internet connection trouble. The second command will be "tracert". Where does the trace end? If it is within a few hops after your PC, please contact your ISP, as your Internet connection may not be working properly.

If you are still unable to see your site after these steps, please contact us, using Live Support or a Ticket.

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