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Can I have a subdomain such as ""?

Yes, you will be able to have your own subdomain, such as "". A subdomain is basically a subdirectory or folder created under the primary Domain account which is a fully operating World Wide Web site with its own username and password and account. The main benefit of a subdomain is that it doesn't require domain name registration and fees that are associated with a full domain name.

How many subdomains can I add to my account?

Each hosting plan allows you to add a specified amount of subdomains. You can view this specific amount by looking at the package you bought on our website.

What is the difference between a domain and a subdomain?

A domain name is a full website address totally independent of other domain names, but a subdomain depends on a domain name. If for example "" is your domain name, then and would be your domain name's address. A subdomain name would be a name under your domain name, something like "". It's address would then be: It can say anything you want instead of "sales" and the nice thing is that unlike a domain name, a subdomain does not need to be registered. This will save you money.

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