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  • Tuesday, 3rd October, 2017
  • 15:16pm
We 've recently launched new Professional Suite e-mail services to compliment our existing line of website hosting! For example, while we provide a core e-mail service with all Mini and Regular Hosting services that is perfect for everyday correspondence, mailing lists and any sort of mass communication are best suited for our professional suite, powered by the popular and proven Google Apps platform.

As a general rule, or more basic professional suite service (called Basic) comes with the following:

Business email addresses (
Video and voice calls
Integrated online calendars
30GB of online storage for file syncing and sharing
Online text documents, spreadsheets and slides
Easy to create project sites
Security and admin controls
24/7 phone and email support

The Professional Business service adds:

Unlimited Storage (or 1TB per user if fewer than 5 users)
Advanced admin controls for Drive
Audit and reporting insights for Drive
Google Vault for eDiscovery
Easily search and export to different formats
Archive all emails sent by your company
Set message retention policies
Place and enforce litigation holds on inboxes

The main benefit of this will be increased storage and redundancy of your communication services, which will now be hosted in the cloud instead of on the same server as your website is currently. The basic service is $7.00 CAD per user (e-mail address) each month, while the Professional Business service is $14.00 CAD per user (e-mail address) per month. Both are available in 14 day free trials to test if you are interested.

If you decide to sign up, please contact us immediately so we can double check and ensure your domain is set up properly to work with your new Professional Suite service!
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