PayPal Billing Agreements now supported

  • Wednesday, 2nd April, 2014
  • 00:35am

Tired of dealing with PayPal Subscriptions that are unreliable and need to be cancelled any time you make a change with your
services? We are now supporting PayPal Billing Agreements which work more like having a credit card on file, in that your payments can be fully automated and you no longer have to worry about managing or cancelling PayPal Subscriptions from your PayPal account if you upgrade or downgrade services. You can create a Billing Agreement with PayPal simply by selecting the "PayPal" payment method when ordering a product or paying an existing Unpaid invoice. If you use an invoice to create a Billing Agreement and wish to have it used for all products on your account, please contact us via our support system and ask to switch your services to the "PayPal" payment method.

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