Aries downtime - 08/14/2013

  • Wednesday, 14th August, 2013
  • 22:49pm
UPDATE #6: restoration process is complete and all services are online at this time. Some websites may be inaccessible until DNS propagation completes (usually within a few hours) and cPanel/Webmail are reporting SSL certificate errors (can be safely ignored and will be resolved within 24 hours).

UPDATE #5: Restoration process is currently approximately 60% complete, however there is still a few hundred gigs of data to process, so it may still be 4-5 hours before everyone is restored and fully up and running.

UPDATE #4: The new server is set up and the restoration process will begin shortly.

UPDATE #3: Due to a lack of communication from our datacenter, we have setup a new server at an alternative location and begun configuring it for usage. We expect this to be completed within 1-2 hours, and all accounts formerly on aries will be moved over to it.

UPDATE #2: Our datacenter has sent a message at 3AM EST indicating that the affected server is being relocated to another building at a nearby location and should be back online shortly. We are in contact with them now to determine what necessitated this and to obtain an ETA. In the interest of getting customers back online, we are working on a backup plan to move those affected to another server using our off-site backups.

UPDATE #1: we have been informed by our datacenter that there is a routing issue in the section where the server is located. Affected equipment is being replaced and service should be restored shortly.

We are aware of some connectivity issues to our Aries server and are currently investigating them. More details will be posted once they become available.
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