It is time for another newsletter to discuss some changes that will be upcoming throughout the year that we hope we continue to improve the services you receive from us at LCWSoft!

Support Changes

In the past, we have permitted support requests to be submitted directly via e-mail. After significant growth in our client base over the last 12 months and increasing requests for support, this has unfortunately now become untenable. All future support requests must be submitted either via our online client area or e-mailed directly to Both of these will enter your request into our support system and allow it to be accuratately tracked and processed.

Upgrade from PHP 5.2

Starting this fall (current target date is September 1st), we will begin upgrading all of our servers from PHP 5.2 to 5.4. PHP 5.2 was first released over 6 years ago and has since gone through over a dozen minor updates. Support for it was officially dropped by it's developers over 2 years ago and the last update was released January 6th 2011. We understand that PHP 5.3 introduced several significant changes from previous versions that may cause issues with compatibility for custom code. If you are using a third party script such as WordPress, Joomla or another, please check to ensure you are running the latest version available as all popular scripts have already been updated for newer versions of PHP. Otherwise, you may review the list of significant changes at and determine if your scripts are affected by them.

We will be looking into providing a service to help those who had a website custom built, but may be incompatible and the original developer is unavailable to resolve.

Revamped Client Area

We will also be introducing an updated client area over the next several weeks that will be easier to use and make functionality more accessible. Please keep an eye on our website for more information regarding this!

Affiliate Promotional Materials

One item that has been mentioned by our affiliates recently is the desire for more promotional materials that they can use in their efforts to make sales. As such, we will be working on new banners, graphics and potential marketing material that will be made available to all affiliates over the next few months. Please keep an eye on our website for more information regarding this!

Friday, February 8, 2013

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